Rhapsody Website Review & Ratings + Rhapsody Coupons
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Rhapsody Website Review & Ratings + Rhapsody Coupons

Rhapsody: Products & Services

Rhapsody is an online company which offers music store subscription service. Customers are able to download music from the site but the songs which are downloaded come with restrictions which have been enforced by Helix which is the company’s version of digital rights management are enforced on AAC+ or WMA files. Rhapsody also sells MP3s to its clients. This is the first company to offer on-demand music subscription service to a large library of digital music for a flat monthly fee. All these are found from the company’s website

Rhapsody: Company Background

The company was formed in December the year 2001. It became a standalone company from the mother company Real networks in April the year 2010. From then, the company was able to acquire licenses from various companies like EMI, BMG, SONY and Warner bros Inc. The company can is 12 years old since when it was founded. It is located in the US.

Rhapsody: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The company has received different reviews from various clients some of which are positive while others are negative. According to no1reviews.com, clients have different views about the company’s products. One client says that he cannot recommend the software to a friend. He adds on saying that they do not know how to classify songs at all. On the same site, a client is complaining that the playlist never loads all the songs and sometimes it never plays the full song. According to top ten reviews, the only thing that is keeping the company out of the top three online music providers list is their choice of songs. Despite the fact that they have over 5 million songs, not all of them are available for purchase. Toptenreviews.com found Rhapsody had a lesser selection than both Napster and Amazon MP3. From their own forum, a customer is complaining that their customer service methods are inappropriate. They are not of high standards.

Rhapsody: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Rhapsody became bbb accredited on the date 7/20/2010. The company has been accredited A+ on a scale of A+ to F. Some of the reasons which led to the accreditation are that BBB has determined that Rhapsody meets BBB accreditation standards. Some of the standards include: commitment to make good effort to resolve any consumer complaints. The company has paid the BBB Accredited Businesses fee for accreditation or review. The company has neither won any awards nor has it been featured on major media outlets.

Rhapsody: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The company can be categorized among the top companies in the world. This is noticeable by viewing the ratings from alexa and Google page rank. Alexa.com ranked the company as 8823 globally meaning 8,822 companies were noted to be above them. 75% of the company’s visitors are from the US where it attained a traffic rank of 1,773. The numbers of sites which link in to the company are 7,329. Google page rank checker awarded the company 8 out of 10 which is the maximum score.

Rhapsody: Social Media Presence

Rhapsody website has got a homepage which is easy to understand with little information in it. They have made it simpler by not putting unnecessary information on the page. Apart from their website, the company has got other social media pages. Their facebook page is kept up to date with the company’s information. It has got 73799 likes which means that they have a lot of followers who visit their site each single day. The company’s twitter page has got 12037 followers and 7383 tweets. The site is always updated every day. The large numbers of people symbolizes the activeness of the company in their social media pages. Rhapsody has got a pinterest account which is also updated just like the other two social media sites.

Rhapsody: Website Security & Safety

The company has a safe website for accessing. According to Google safe browsing, the company has been considered to be safe. It has not hosted any malicious software for the last 90 days. It has also not been an intermediary for infestation of any site. MacAfee site advisor considered the site to be safe from any problems. The site has a safe hyper text transfer protocol hence ensuring that users information is privately stored.

Rhapsody: Pricing & Packages

The company does not have several packages for its service. This is because their services are subscriptions whereby they have a fixed charge. The fee can be lowered when the company decides to do so to attract more customers. Rhapsody charges $10 for subscription of its service. This is only a monthly subscription. The company’s charges are slightly lower than other company charges.

Rhapsody: Shipping Rates & Policies

Rhapsody is an online company which offers music store subscription service. The service is offered by downloading a player into your computer. It is not possible to ship a service at all, only products can be shipped thus the company does not offer any shipping methods. Because of this, the company has no shipping rates and policies.

Rhapsody: Payment Methods Accepted

The company does not have many payment methods for use during the subscription. It has only two methods that is the credit card which has been the most commonly used method and PayPal which has now been put to service. It is the most new method which the company is now accepting. It is upon the customer to select the payment method which suits him/her.

Rhapsody: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

It is usually evident that once you install an application you cannot return it back to the owner and claim to not have used it or claim that it is unworthy. The company has its application online and after subscription the customer normally is allowed to access the application. The application most probably has to be working because it is online and not in storage facilities which at times are vulnerable to possible distracters. Due to this, the company does not offer any returns or refund of the money after subscription.

Rhapsody: Product images & screenshots
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